Companion  OEM Puck-System

Products Description


Have a Factory-Ready, Four-Puck Truck?

Installing the Companion OEM in your tow-ready truck is quick,
Place the base in the four holes, turn latch and pin each one.
Place the coupler on the upright arms and pin in place.


Which Hitch do You Need?

Ford F-250, F-350 or F-450 w/Factory Puck System

RVK3300 GTW 20,000#/VTW 5,000 Non-Slider

RVK3305 GTW 25,000#/VTW 6,250 Non-Slider

RVK3370 GTW 20,000#/VTW 5,000 Slider

Ram 2500 or 3500 w/Factory Puck System

RVK3670 GTW 20,000#/VTW 5,000 Slider

RVK3600 GTW 25,000#/VTW 6,250 Non-Slider


GM 2016-2019 w/Factory Puck System 

RVK3700 GTW 20,000#/VTW 5,000 Non-Slider

RVK3770 GTW 25,000#/VTW 6,250 Non-Slider

RVK3705 GTW 20,000#/VTW 5,000 Slider

GM 2020-2024 w/Factory Puck System 

RVK3710 GTW 20,000#/VTW 5,000 Non-Slider
RVK3715 GTW 25,000#/VTW 6,250 Non-Slider
RVK3775 GTW 20,000#/VTW 5,000 Slider