Thinking about airbags? STOP! Why Pay the high price for an on board air compressor or go looking for air every time load your truck? Load your truck anywhere and always have the right amount of support you need. Do you have air bags? Ever broke an air line or have an air leak? Loose the bags and loose the headache go airless!  With Timbren’s there is no air or maintenance just have us install them and forget about them. Its that easy.


TIMBREN understand your suspension problem: Your pickup truck rides like a Cadillac when it’s empty but it can’t handle the loads you’re putting in the back of the truck.

You need a simple and effective solution. You need a Timbren Suspension Enhancement System.

There’s nothing complicated about the Timbren Suspension Enhancement System. An SES kit is the quick and easy way to overcome your problems with load capacity and ride quality performance for your truck, van SUV, or Jeep

  • Product Features;
    • Eliminate Suspension Sag And Cushion Road Shock
    • Reduce Sway And Improve Roll Stability
    • Improves Roll Control
    • Trouble And Maintenance Free
    • Satisfaction Guarantee And Lifetime Warranty
    • Leader In The Snow Plow Industry
    • Leaders In Rubber Spring Technology Since 1965
  • $275- $375 Installed most 1/2, 3/4, and 1 Ton Trucks
  • 1-1/2 and 2 Tons available  Also

Our quality will follow you everywhere!