Enclosed Snow


Triton TC Hybrid trailers provide the benefits of a fully enclosed trailer in an aerodynamic design, perfect for snow season and multi-season hauling.

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  • Bullnose Profile: Unlike angular designs, our front profile maximizes the usable interior space to accommodate long-track sleds and cargo.
  • 4’X4’ Front Door: Largest front access door on the market provides easy access to machines and prevents debris on your clothes when leaning in.
  • Sur-Lock Tie Downs: Steel tie down bars have a vinyl-dip finish and stainless steel handles to easily secure snowmobile skis.
  • Fully Welded Frame: The Triton difference – all-aluminum, fully welded lower and upper frame provides a solid structure for years of loading and unloading, unlike other hybrids with joined/screwed frame construction.
  • Four Cord Rubber Galvanized Torsion Axle: Designed for a smooth ride and corrosion resistance.
  • Double-Seal Ramp Door: Spring-assist rear ramp door with double seal prevents leaks, keeping cargo dry.
  • 5/8” Marine Grade Deck: Fully treated marine grade plywood deck stands up to the elements for years of use.
  • Four cord rubber torsion axle with integrated grease system in every hub for excellent flow past both bearings.
  • Adjustable Tie Down Positions: Full-length quickslides offer infinite tie down positions for securing machines and cargo (standard on TC167, optional on TC118, TC128, TC118-LR, TC128-LR).
TC118 TC128 TC118-LR TC128-LR
Number of Sleds 2 2 2 2
(width x length)
98″ x 127″ 98″ x 143″ 98″ x 127″ 98″ x 143″
Rear Door
(width x length)
93″ x 63″ 93″ x 63″ 93″ x 63″ 93″ x 63″
Carrying Capacity 2,025 lbs 2,000 lbs 2,025 lbs 2,000 lbs
Carrying Capacity
(with brakes)
2,030 lbs 2,005 lbs 2,030 lbs 2,005 lbs

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